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This month's events

Space Talks

SEDS UPRM is the pioneer of space talks in Puerto Rico. The chapter brings people from the whole industry such as commercial aerospace, NASA and other companies to talk to our students. 

Interpersonal Events

Our chapter is always looking for the mental health of our members. This is why we make anxiety management talks, time management, and many other events for interpersonal styles.

Hispanic Heritage Month

Every year SEDS UPRM celebrates proudly Hispanic Heritage Month by bringing hispanics speakers to give talks to our community from each corner of the space industry.,

Outreach Events

Our Outreach team has been doing outreach in the island of Puerto Rico by visiting the Arecibo Observatory and soon to visit many other places to raise awareness in Puerto Rico about Space. 

Professional Events

SEDS UPRM gives professionals workshops such as resume workshops, pitch elevator talks, LinkedIn workshops and many more events to help our members developed themselves. 

Puerto Rico Space Festival

SEDS UPRM is the founder of the PRSF. An activity done to bring people from different parts of Puerto Rico and the world to connect through space by assisting to this event.

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