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We help students ...

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We are dedicated to empowering students from diverse academic backgrounds as they navigate their journey towards professional development. Through our comprehensive projects and initiatives, we provide tailored support and guidance to help each student reach their full potential. Explore the range of opportunities available and learn more about how our programs can positively impact your academic and professional growth.

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Were a part of SEDS UPRM from (2019-2022). The Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts - Academic Linkage (RASC-AL) is a university-level competition that challenges students to develop innovative solutions and concepts for near-future space endeavours. The themes from the competition vary by year and are aligned to NASA’s goals for that specific year. 

Project AV

Project AV is the first team from Puerto Rico that will participate in the University Rover Challenge. This competition is the world's premier robotics competition for college students, where the team will design and manufacture a Rover to compete in the desert of Utah.

SEDS Goes Green

SEDS GOES GREEN is an interdisciplinary group of AstroBotany challenges, competitions, and research projects where students from Natural Sciences and Engineering collaborate to make space for everyone. 

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